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Do you have overgrown flower beds? A messy lawn? Are weeds taking over?

Well, with CE Irrigation Tyler Tx, we offer services to help you take care of this mess. No matter what situation you have, we're here to help.

Cutting Edge Irrigation and Lawn Care Tyler Tx can create a yard that will make you proud. We offer fully-inclusive irrigation services in the Tyler and Lindale Texas areas. Additionally, we have a variety of other benefits that will really make your yard pop!

With us, your yard will transform its look and feel in no time.

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Christmas lights on a house in Lindale, TX

Your Christmas Light Installers

With summer gone, cooler days are just around the corner, bringing along the chilly season with it—the perfect time to decorate!

At CE Irrigation, we are more than just sprinkler installers and lawn keepers. Our team dedicates their time to making your home as beautiful as it can be—especially for the Holidays.

Placing individual lights in the best-looking spot, we'll have the picture-perfect home for you this Christmas season.

Looking for that Hallmark home? Let us install your Christmas lights.

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Everything You Need to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Cutting Edge Irrigation & Lawns has over five years of experience providing irrigation and landscaping services to residents of the Tyler & Lindale, TX areas. In addition to landscaping and irrigation work, you can count on us for:


sprinkler repair iconSprinkler Repair

We can troubleshoot your sprinkler system, identify any and all issues, then make the necessary repairs.

Landscape Design

Your local Landscaping service is here to make your home lovely. Whether you need lighting or repairs, we're here for you.

irrigation repairIrrigation Repair

Broken ground? Potholes? Dead grass? At CE Irrigation, we offer yard work to restore your lawn it to its fullest potential.